Subway Menu and Prices

Subway is an American fast-food restaurant with a large number of branches in the USA, UK and around the world. On this page you can explore the categories, the items and the prices at the Subway menu.

The menu of Subway includes mainly sandwiches. Note: Similar information can be found at

Subway Menu

Subway menu prices

The menu prices range in most Subway restaurants are between $0.30 to $9.00.

It is well known that the food prices at Subway are affordable.

Subway menu categories and items

Below there is a list that includes the full menu at the Subway restaurant.

Sandwiches menu

View the Subway Sandwich menu below.

Subway Sandwiches


  • Ham
  • Italian B.M.T
  • Oven roasted chicken
  • Roast beef
  • Steak and cheese
  • Subway club
  • Subway Melt
  • Sweet Oniot Chicken teriyaki
  • Tuna
  • Turkey Breast
  • Veggiw Delite

Breakfast menu

View the Subway Breakfast menu below.

  • Bacon, egg & cheese
  • Ham, egg and cheese
  • Egg and cheese

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Salads menu

View the Subway salad menu below.

  • Ham Salad
  • Italian B.M.T salad
  • Oven roasted chicken salad
  • Roast beef salad
  • Steak and cheese salad
  • Subway club salad
  • Subway melt salad
  • Sweet onion chicken teriyaki salad
  • Tuna salad
  • Turkey breast salad
  • Veggie delite salad

Sides, drinks and extras menu

View the Subway sides, drinks and extras menu below.

  • Chips
  • Cookies
  • Cheese
  • Bacon
  • Pepperoni

Subway Menu Nutrition

Subway provides information about their nutritional data regarding to the nutrition menu. If you want to download a PDF file with all of the nutrition values in the Subway menu, simply click here.


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  • Subway catering menuclick here
  • Subway menu calories – click here
  • Toppings

This page is relevant for countries in the USA, UK, India and more places where you can find a Subway restaurant with menus.

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